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The SoundSnaps collection of high quality stereo location recordings is now hosted at the Sound-Effects- Library.Com , which is also home to major sound effects libraries such as the B.B.C and several major film producers’ collections.

The SoundSnaps selection includes many modern and historic transport recordings, including Air and Rail travel featuring Eurostar among the modern and amongst the historic a unique recording of a safety announcement on the ill fated Herald of Free Enterprise.

The evocative sound of a close Spitfire fly-pass is one of several powerful military recordings also available

Listen here

Spitfire Flypass

File may open in separate browser window depending on media player player installed.

For best results a good sub woofer is recommended!

Audio Services

Audio Services include state of the art digital recording of location events such as this local choir recorded at one of the recent Pierres en Lumieres weekend events in May this year at the Chapelle at La Raitiere near Carrouges 

Le Cantique de Jean Racine, Faur

Audio Excerpt
SoundSnaps on SFX Library

To preview any sound from the collection follow the link and choose or search as required

SoundSnaps on SFX Library
La Ratiere
La Ratiere Excerpt
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